Sunday, February 19, 2012

Carnivale in Venice

Blog day 2

Carnivale in Venice!!!

It is Holy week and just like we have Mardi Gras int eh United States, There is Carnivale in Italy.

We woke VERY early (6:00 am) and proceeded to breakfast. The we hopped on the bus and were brought to a water taxi port where we rode a water taxi across the lagoon to the artsy island of Murano - home to the most exquisite gas furnaces in the world. Master glassblowers have, for centuries, created the most magnificent glass creations. Once we arrived on Murano, we were brought to a showroom for a glass blowing demonstration.. In the short period of time we watched a glass master create a beautiful vase and a wonderful sculpture of a horse. Then were, of course, brought in for a sales pitch and were shown even more amazingly beautiful items.

After shopping in the showroom, we got back on the water taxi and went on to Venice. St Mark's square on the Sunday before Ash Wednesday and only be compared to Times Square on New year's eve. Thousands of people were there to celebrate while folks in exotic and highly artistic costumes paraded around and posed for pictires.

We had a guided tour of the most signifcant locales in the area after which we proceeded to lunch on our own and an afternoon of shopping and people watching....At 3:00 everyone checked in with Margi and Sean in St. Mark's square and spent the last 2 hours close to our final meeting point.

After this incredibly long and full day we returned to our Hotel (Portifino) had a wonderful dinner of spaghetti in red sauce, pork, and italian cream cake for dessert. Early rise tomorrow as well followed bu a 4 hour trip to Florence and an overnight on Montecatini.


  1. Those costumes and masks are so beautiful (especially the black and gold one). Howard and I thought we'd reflect on the blog with the minor things that happen here so you guys are up to date! Today, Howard and I saved a village of radioactive intelligent rats. Howard got bit, but he is fine minus the super rat strength and tail. I have acquired an unhealthy and intense desire for aged cheese. We hope your day in Venice with the magnificent Carnivale taking place was extraordinary and we will tell you more of our tales from the crypt tomorrow! Have a good nights sleep/good morning/good time in Florence! :)

    Abdul and Howard

  2. Once again the pictures are wonderful. I hope the one of the Murano glass creation is my gift! :-) Looks like Mother Nature is cooperating. xxx