Saturday, February 25, 2012

Roma -The final day

Today was our final day to see the amazing eternal city - Rome.

Everyone woke up had breakfast and we left early for Rome. When we arrived, our guide Claudia took those that wanted on a tour of the hot spots....Trevi Fountain, the Pantheon, the Spanish Steps and Piazza Navona and the fountain of four rivers.

After that, the students were on their own for lunch and had a 2:00 check in at the Spanish steps. Then the afternoon was before them to explore an established route in Rome, in groups. They spent the day shopping, and site seeing. The weather was amazing (we understand West Haven had a bit of winter weather) We all met again at Piazza Navona at 5:45 for a great lasagna dinner at a local restaurant.

We would like to thank our amazing bus driver Stefano and our incredible guide Claudia....They were outstanding.

On our way back to the hotel now....ready to pack and have some down time before bed......Long travel day tomorrow!

Arrivederci a Italia.

Perche lo faciamo? Perche amiamo farlo!!
Why do we do this? Because we love this stuff!!

On a personal note - Mrs Maher and I could not be prouder of the great young ladies and gentlemen that we had on this tour. While kids will be kids, everything they were offered and shown was met with a please and thank you with appreciation for this incredible opportunity. We hope that they saw a lot, learned a lot and found an appreciation for the rest of the world. We hope that the travel bug has bitten and that they will never lose the desire to explore and see everything. For those of you that trusted us with your most cherished possession, we thank you for the confidence you had in us. We cannot thank our co-chaperones Joe & Lynn Bonaldo for their incredible assistance with this tour. This was the largest group we have ever taken and could not have done this without them.

Until tomorrow......

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  1. I am Maria Huertas (Michael Morales mom)
    Id like to thank you guys for taking care of my child. I felt ery secure in knowing that you were taking care of him. But now i have alot more things to thank you guys for. The experience that michael had was very amazing. Thank you for making him a part of it. And be sure that many years to come you Michael will still remember this experience and remember that you guys were a great part of it. Me and Michael would like to thank you and may god bless you for everything