Saturday, February 18, 2012

Day 1 Sojourn to Milano and Venezia

I will be writing as much as I can step by step during our adventure.

Arrived with plenty of time at the airport and all made it through security without an issue. Mrs. Maher was given first class wheel chair service to the gate....Everyone enjoyed some time in the airport and we boarded smoothly....we did have to wait a bit on the tarmac for take off, but the take off was smooth as silk..... We are right now waiting for dinner service and then hopefully some shut eye before we arrive in Germany for our plane change.

Dinner was either italian pasta or teriyaki chicken. After dinner, lights out and "most" of the students got rest...

12:15 am your time and getting ready to land in Frankfurt... quick layover and then off to MILAN!!!

SO - Change in plans...We were late to Frankfurt and because of slow security and a boarding pass mixup by Lufthansa, missed our flight to Milan....we caught the next one...2 hours later and will be 2 hours late.....but still in ITALY!

So on our trip from Frankfurt to Milan we actually flew over Switzerland and THE ALPS! They are amazingly beautiful.

Landed in MILANO after quite a while we got all our luggage and went on to meet our guide Claudia - Very nice girl from Naples. We left the airport and stopped at a highway stop for lunch...We will be at our hotel in Lido di Jesolo outside Venice by 6, dinner at 7 (Rigatoni with asparagus sauce, chiken marsala & potato, and chocolate panna cotta...Bed check at 9. 6am wake up call tomorrow!


  1. Enjoy your first day everyone! Take plenty of pictures to show the rest of the WHHSTW family for when you get back. Howard and I send our best wishes to you all for a fun time and I'm sure every other WHHSTW member that is here feels the same. Ciao! :)

    Love you all,

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